[Samba] swat, solaris & pam

Roger grunky at bradley.edu
Fri May 3 16:34:02 GMT 2002


Just downloaded the new version of samba 2.2.4 and attempted to get swat up
and running.

Put the extra line in /etc/services and an entry in /etc/inetd.conf...

However when I attempt to connect to localhost:901 i get

pam_authenticate: error Authentication failed

Dumped to syslog a bunch of times.  I figured I mistype my password but
this isn't the case.  Other then swat not working samba works fine. Users
can get to shares and all is peachy..

Using testparm shows nothing wrong and my smb.conf file has not changed
since 2.2.3a.

I'm guessing I need to enter something in /etc/pam.conf but I can't find
anything specific..

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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