[Samba] Win2k Printer Installation Woes Continue....

Van Sickler, Jim vansickj-eodc at Kaman.com
Fri May 3 14:33:04 GMT 2002


Sorry, I'm a bit slap-happy...been fighting
Win2k/APW problems ever since I upgraded to 2.2.3a.
Still having problems >2.2.4-pre and now 2.2.4.

  I have a workaround, sort of...set disable spoolss=no,
install drivers for the HP printers; then set
disable spoolss=yes.  Add "use client driver=no"
on each of the HP printer entries.  Add
"use client driver=yes" for the non-HP printers.
I have 3 non-HP, and they either use the Lexmark
or AdobePS install proggies.  Can't install the
drivers on the Samba box using APW.

  I've posted a few items recently while working
on the problem;  APW is only part of the problem.

If disable spoolss=no, adding a printer
on my Win2k PC results in the following:

1.  Adding a printer from the Samba box doesn't
result in a System Event 2 (printer added).

2.  I can't view the Properties on either the
installed printer or the printer icon on the
Samba box.

3.  Removing the printer from my system allows
me to view the Samba's printer Properties.

If disable spoolss=no, the following issues
arise on the Samba APW printers:

1.  Two sets of printers are displayed: one
a grey icon, which only has a General tab
when opened.  Blue Shared Printer icons
that appear when the Printers folder is
opened.  I can view the Properties on the
printer, as long as it isn't installed
on my system.

2.  Security on the APW printer icon displays
only Everyone and the SID for my Domain Admin,
with an Unknown User indicator icon.  Unlike
my 2.2.2 server, no attempt seems to be made
to resolve the ID of the SID.  (My 2.2.2
box first displays the SID, then an hourglass
is displayed until the resolved name replaces
the SID.)

  If I add Tucson\Domain Users, the group icon
is displayed ok.  If I close the Security tab,
then open it again, only the SID is displayed.
This occurs for every user/group added.

If disable spoolss=yes, then I can install the
printer, and display Properties on both.  The
Security tab displays the same info on both
system/Samba printer icons: my local Win2k
rights to the printer.  I think this is
as it should be.

  Why is this happening?  What can be done to
I'm about ready to go back to 2.2.1a, the last
fully functional version I've run....I lost
print status going to 2.2.2....

Also, would someone in the know please respond
with the following information:

chown user.group and chmod ???? rights for
/printers and it's subdirs
samba's spool dir/subdir's

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