[Samba] W2k-client, simple logon

Ralf Dieterle ralfdieterle at vinzenz.de
Tue Jun 25 06:18:01 GMT 2002

Hi everybody,

I havbe now studied several books and searched the Internet and found a lot about the possibility to make a Logon to a Samba-Server. But I couldn't find a way how to configure the Client exactly. I always have to stop at the "computerdomain".....

My Question: How Do I have to configure the Samba-Server and the Client exactly if I simply want to logon to a Samba-Server? The best would be, if it works like a Win98-Station...

Thank you in advance,

Ralf Dieterle
Marienhospital Stuttgart
Böheimstraße 37
70199 Stuttgart

ralfdieterle at vinzenz.de

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