[Samba] SAMBA-LDAP and variable substition

werner maes werner.maes at cc.kuleuven.ac.be
Tue Jun 25 06:59:03 GMT 2002


Im using Samba and LDAP together and if I use the scriptPath attribute for 
a user defined in LDAP, it seems that variable substitions no longer work 
like they did when you're using the global logon script parameter in smb.conf.


scriptPath = scripts\%m.bat ==> %m.bat is NOT substituted to machinename.bat

Because the "logon scripts" directive of smb.conf will no longer be used 
when using Samba and LDAP together, I'm wondering how I can take advantage 
of variable substition?

Or am I missing something?

If you have any information, let me know.

Werner Maes

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