[Samba] Newbie question

Aton aton at skyenet.net
Tue Jun 25 06:14:02 GMT 2002

Unix groups. That is your key. You can assign users to multiple groups, Eg:
is in the users, acct, and prog groups, but Leo is in users, and acct. 

usermod -g users -G acct,prog Tom
usermod -g users -G acct Leo

Now, set group permissions on the proposed directories:

cd /<whereever_sambai_share_s>/
chown root:acct Accoutning
chown root:finac Finance
chown root:prog Programming
chmod 770 * -R
ls -l

drwxrwx--- root  acct Accounting
drwxrwx--- root  finac Finance
drwxrwx--- root  prog Programming

Now, when leo tries to go to the programming or finance groups, he gets
because only owner and group have access, not others, and he's not in either
group, just acct.

At 08:11 AM 6/25/2002 -0400, you wrote: 

> Hello, 
> I've been looking over the doc, and have Samba installed and running. 
> We are trying to do the following: 
> We have a number of nt clients(nt 4 & w2k workstations) that we want to
> provide storage space too on our Unix box. 
> What we would like is for them to all map one share, then based on
> secuirty(unix?) only allow them to certain subdirectories within that
> Example:
>> \Accounting 
> \Finance 
> \Programming 
> Someone could have access to accounting but not finance, or they could have
> access to finance and programming but not accounting.
> If someone could tell me wether this is possible or not I would appeciate
> it.  If you could point to a place in the doc to set this up would also be
> very helpful..
> thanks! 
> - Alex 

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