[Samba] Fix for smbpasswd Samba 2.2.4 on Solaris only taking 8 character passwords

Andrew Gray grayaw at egr.unlv.edu
Mon Jun 17 10:34:03 GMT 2002

Under Samba 2.2.4 (and possibly earlier), smbpasswd (when run locally) only
really reads the first 8 characters, as opposed to the full password.
Obviously, this can cause mass confusion. :)

The fix is pretty simple (I would offer a diff, but this is the kind of
thing the configure script should check for...) - under Solaris getpass()
will only return 8 characters - you must use getpassphrase() to get up to
256 characters (same syntax as getpass).

So, under source/utils/smbpasswd.c, line 670, change

    p = getpass(prompt);


    p = getpassphrase(prompt);

And it works properly.

Andrew Gray
Systems Administrator
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
College of Engineering

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