[Samba] Anyone using antivirus software?

Javid Abdul-AJAVID1 AJAVID1 at motorola.com
Thu Jun 13 13:54:02 GMT 2002

does it support solaris2.6 , for plain samba file servers

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> RAVantivirus works well, I have been evaluating it on one of my home 
> networks (60-day free trial).  But they want $300US for the mail server 
> version, which is a bit much for a home networker; they have offered me 
> a 20% discount, but will check some of the other choices first; still a 
> bit expensive.  If they'd bring the price down I'd buy it right now.

I've been using RAV for some time now and couldn't be more pleased with it.
Virus definition updates can be 100% automated with a CRON job.  I have mine
set to do incremental updates every 30 minutes.  The other thing that I like
about RAV is that it is very easy to set up the mail server version to scan
shares on your samba network.  $300US is well worth the money for the
excellent product.  

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