[Samba] win - samba

Silvia Carvalho silviacoloni at bol.com.br
Thu Jun 13 13:38:02 GMT 2002

I installed and configurated a server samba in my linux slackware8.1. It's
working and I can see by browser, the swat and all the configurations.
The problem is when I try to map a connection by the windows explorer. I
receive a message error: "the account is not authorized to log in from this

I already created a key on register of the
windows(DWORLD:EnablePlainTextPassord) (value:0x01). In just one machine it
works and I can map the network drive. But now, I am trying to map the linux
driver with the others windows machines, and I receive that message. Look, I
created the DWORD key in every one.

Silvia Carvalho

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