[Samba] printing with passwords

Bas van Besouw bvbesouw at adelphia.net
Thu Jun 13 05:01:02 GMT 2002


With the risk of posting the same question twice I post this again. I
can't seem to find my original question back.

After looking through the faq's and list archive I still have a question
that is not answered.
I have Samba working like a charm, files serving, print serving, even
turning ip forwarding on/off based on who is using the windows
Now I want it to do the following: I want samba to ask for a password
when a  user tries to print to the linux printer (this should be a
different password as her windows one).
She should be able to print after a password is given for 1 print job.
Sounds to me like something Samba is able to do, but how?

Thanks in advance 

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