[Samba] Update question

Jan Theofel theofel at etes.de
Thu Jun 13 05:10:04 GMT 2002


we updated a Samba system (PDC) with SuSE Linux from 71. to 8.0 and also
changed the hardware completly. The data files including all
users/smbpasswd/... were copied with the correct permissions.

The first problem was that the cleints (Windows NT 4.0) did'nt connect to the
new server. After removing them from the smbpasswd file and adding them again
(smbpasswd -a -m) they could connect.

But now we have a very similar problem with the users: After connecting
everything seems to be fine. But the profile doen't work correct. The profile
is downloaded form the server and we can add icons to the desktop for example.
But the registry is somehow "readonly". No keys can be cahnged or added. The
file permissions are ok.

Has someone an idea?

Thanks for your help,
Jan Theofel

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