[Samba] winbindd fails, cannot join domain - HELP

Gary Sanders gary at postman.tmnews.com
Wed Jun 12 05:53:02 GMT 2002

  winbindd will not fire


smb.conf - 
winbind seperator = (my domain) + (username)
winbind uid = 1000-20000
winbind gid = 1000-20000
winbind enum users = yes
winbind enum groups = yes

/etc/nssswitch.conf -
passwd:    files winbind
group:        files winbind

libnss_winbind.so is in /lib
"                            ".2 is a link to above in /lib

As I said /usr/local/samba/bin/winbindd will not fire, also I cannot join the 
domain, when I invoke smbpasswd -j (my domain) -r PDC Administrator, I get 
this: unknown parameter : winbind seperator, ignoring winbind seperator.
 then it ask for password, I type in the CORRECT password and I get: 
Error connecting to PDC
Unable to join domain

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