[Samba] WinXP Pro 'Loses' Samba Server

Martyn Ranyard ranyardm at lineone.net
Wed Jun 12 05:44:02 GMT 2002

I know it may not be of use to you, but -

   I lose my connection on a daily basis - fixed ip, but it seems to be the 
lan card itself - it's a 3com, and this is an NT machine, but it may be 
worth checking.


At 07:35 AM 6/12/02 -0500, Jim Hale wrote:
>I have Samba running on my web server (it's not a major file server or
>anything) so that I can access files on it from my local network. Mainly
>things like I can view my webalizer pages thru a local machine, or to
>copy files over for installation.
>Anyway - every 2-3 hours, I 'lose' the connection and have to reboot the
>WinXP machine (yeh, I know - 'Rule #1 of Microsoft - When in doubt,
>reboot') to re-establish the connection.
>Anyone else running into this? I didn't have this problem with Win2K and
>I don't have it with my Win98 machine.
>Jim Hale
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Martyn Ranyard

I am not a member of the samba team,
and anything that I say may not be as
accurate as a response from one of the
team.  I reply to save those more
qualified time, which can more usefully
be spent developing SAMBA further.

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