[Samba] smbpasswd

Don Zajic donald.zajic at verizon.net
Tue Jun 11 16:43:02 GMT 2002

Lorac, it appears that you are attempting to execute the smbpasswd
(password) file, not the smbpasswd (script) located in /usr/bin.

type this:


this should make a difference

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  Whenever I try to run smbpasswd I get the following error:

command not found

  I generated the file as per the instructions at

  I'm not sure what it is that is going wrong.

  The first few lines of my smbpasswd file look like this...
  # SMB password file.


U          ]:LCT-00000000:daemon

  I'm using debian 3.0, with kernel 2.4.18 and samba 2.2.4


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