[Samba] Problems giving Samba a netbios name

Strickland Christopher B DLVA StricklandCB at NSWC.NAVY.MIL
Thu Jul 18 07:26:02 GMT 2002

Hello all.  I'm having trouble determining the cause of this error.
Whenever I assign a netbios name to my Samba server the servers (clients) on
my W2K domain are unable to determine the path to the Samba share even
though the Samba server appears in their browser with the intended netbios
name.  If I change the smb.conf file and let the Samba server default to
it's host name everything works fine.  The platform for my smb server is
Solaris 7 and it also serves as the NIS master.  Any suggestion will be

Thank you,


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