[Samba] samba - win2k- how?

shubha shree shubhamr at malkauns.nsc.com
Sun Jul 7 03:42:02 GMT 2002

I am very very new to samba.All I need to do is to map a network drive
from two of
my windows2000 machines to a freeBSD machine's folder(directory).

I read the guide(oreally online book) that I downloaded from the net,

I did install samba on my free BSD and when I did a

#smbclient -U% -L localhost,

I got the following output.

Sharename   type Comment
test            Disk .......
IPC           IPC...............
Admin       Disk..................

Server   Comment

Workgroup    Master

2)I do not know how to configure windows 2000 clients in samba.The  book
covers only windowsNT and 98/95.It does not speak about windows 2000
OS.I tried doing the configuration as suggested in the chapter-03
Configuring Windows clients.But I find no dialog boxes similar to the
ones shown in the book.When I get to control panel,I see no windows
/icons mentioned in the book.

All I want to do is to map a folder in freeBSD system to these windows
and make it visible via the windows machine.

Could you please help disgusted me?


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