[Samba] Problem with tmpfile() on samba share

rkomar at idelix.com rkomar at idelix.com
Wed Jul 3 12:52:02 GMT 2002

we have problems executing the tmpfile() function in a program
on Windows when the cwd is within a samba share.  The function
fails with errno set to "permission denied".  By setting the
log level high enough in samba, I was able to see that the
temporary file was always being opened in the top level
directory of the share (which ordinary users don't have
permission to write to), rather than the current working
directory.  So, it looks like the path is missing from
`fname' when `open_file()' is called in smbd.  Can this be
got around by appropriately setting some parameter(s) within
the smb.conf file, or is it a bug?

Here are some system details:

Samba server: Linux, kernel 2.4.18, samba-2.2.4 as provided
by Slackware-8.1 (the output from testparm can be provided if
anyone is interested)

Windows client: Win2000

I saw a similar message in the samba mailing list posted by
Chad Campbell on Sept 22, 1998 (he saw the same problem when
system() or spawnl() were being executed), but I couldn't find
a reply to it.

Rob Komar

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