[Samba] transfer users and password form win NTto linux fileserver

Rogério Carlos rogerioc at polmil.sp.gov.br
Thu Feb 28 09:34:24 GMT 2002

Hi again people!!!
About the pwdump.exe, I´ve downloaded it from Samba FTP before asking for
help of the list, using as the instructions of the site.During the tests,
running the command "pwdump > smbpasswd" , I received some error messages:

-as the user administrador (administrator in portuguese, because our Win NT
is in portuguese language) I receive the following message: you must be
logged as the administrator to do this

-as the user administrator (created and inserted in administration group), I
receive the following message: ("get_sid: LookupAccountName for size on name
Administrator failed. Error was: couldn´t make the mapping of the accounts
and the security passwords").

No way to make it works!!
I don´t know how to solve the problem.
I´ve put the pwdump.exe in the same directory of the SAM file in Win NT.

Any help will be very welcome.
Thank you!!
(Sorry about the errors. I don´t speak english very well becouse here we
speak portuguese)


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> I only know a little about this, but I read about a program that was
> available from the samba web site that is an executable to run under
> nt.  It was supposed to be able to grab all the passwords and make a
> smbpasswd file for use in linux.  Sorry I can't remember the name.

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