[Samba] Machine trust account reqd in 2.2.3a?

Matthew Hagerty matthew at brwholesale.com
Wed Feb 27 09:20:06 GMT 2002


I was reading over the documentation online for using SAMBA as a PDC, and 
in the section about creating machine trust accounts is talks about having 
to add machine accounts to the /etc/passwd file.  The text also mentions 
that future versions of SAMBA will remove this requirement:

"Because Samba requires machine accounts to possess a UNIX uid from which 
an Windows NT SID can be generated, all of these accounts must have an 
entry in /etc/passwd and smbpasswd. Future releases will alleviate the need 
to create /etc/passwd entries."

Since the text was last updated in July of 2001, and there have been 
several releases of SAMBA since, is the /etc/passwd account for machine 
trust accounts still required in 2.2.3a?


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