[Samba] User group between Win2K and SAMBA

chunhua lu chunhual at cancerboard.ab.ca
Wed Feb 27 09:15:04 GMT 2002

Hello Everyone,

 I have installed samba box on origin 200 server and configured as a
domain controller. In this domain, I have several SGI workstation and
Win2k PCs. Everything works fine. But I have confusion on user group.
Win2k user can be a  member of Power users or restricted users group.
When I use domain account login on Win2k, the domain account belongs to
restricted user group. I can see this from its behavior. For example,
When I use domain account to login, I can not record micro when I use
excel. What should I do to make domain account belong to power user

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you in advance

Christy Lu
Cross Cancer Institute

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