[Samba] Drop in NT print server replacement; NT print names and NT share names-how to handle with Samba

Gerald Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Feb 25 08:33:09 GMT 2002

On Tue, 19 Feb 2002, Bryan Fetzer wrote:

> I am going to be replacing out NT print server with a
> linux/samba solution. My main problem/question is how
> will the NT clients deal with the Samba server when
> the following facts are true. 
> 1. NT creates an NT printer name
> 2. When you actually share the printer, you can create
> a totally different share name. 

This is a limitation in 2.2 that is planning to be reomved 
in 3.0. Sorry.  Currently the printer name and share
name are the same value.

> So my real question is, if I simply drop in the Linux
> samba print spooler with the NT printer names (not
> share names) shared out, will the NT clients "like"
> this. I know that dos app's use the format
> \\servername\printersharename  ... however I simply
> plan to add those printers with their old "share"
> names.... which I believe will work. 

I would recommend looking into con2prt.exe from the Resource Kit (or 
somewhere like that) and fixing printer connections in a login script.

Hope this helps.

cheers, jerry
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