[Samba] Drop in NT print server replacement; NT print names and NT share names-how to handle with Samba

Bryan Fetzer bryan2424 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 19 08:57:50 GMT 2002

Hello samba list members,
I am going to be replacing out NT print server with a
linux/samba solution. My main problem/question is how
will the NT clients deal with the Samba server when
the following facts are true. 
1. NT creates an NT printer name
2. When you actually share the printer, you can create
a totally different share name. 
For example we have the following printer, (and
numerous other's like it) 
NT printer name = Lexmark Optra S 1855 PCL- Acctg
NT share name = Acctg1855
When a client connects or installs this printer is
shows up as follows in the control panel "Lexmark
Optra S 1855 PCL- Acctg on MAPPRTSPLR"

I have now shared from my new samba print spooler all
the printers via their old NT printer name (not the
share name) because it appears that the windows
clients should automatically update the share name of
the NT printer. 
I tested this out using a dummy printer on the
existing NT print server. I shared out a printer via 
NT printer name "Lexmark Optra S 1855 TechArea"
and share name "LexTechAr"
I of course was able to install this printer and test
Then I changed just the share name and the client
updated and kept on going.

So my real question is, if I simply drop in the Linux
samba print spooler with the NT printer names (not
share names) shared out, will the NT clients "like"
this. I know that dos app's use the format
\\servername\printersharename  ... however I simply
plan to add those printers with their old "share"
names.... which I believe will work. 

I ask these questions because I have yet to see a
definitive guide for dropping in a Linux print server
without any client side changes or interaction... 
when the printer names are kinda sloppy. (not my


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