[Samba] newbie questions: different domains in Samba?

Barry Johnson originalskinnyj at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 24 14:50:02 GMT 2002

try this at the command prompt
net use \\yoursambaserver\someshare /user:yourdomain\username *
it will prompt you for your passwd, enter it, should work fine

Barry Johnson

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Subject: [Samba] newbie questions: different domains in Samba?

> Hi,
> I'm having a basic question.
> I want to use my notebook at the office as well as at home. Win2K is
> configured
> to log into a NT domain MYCOMPANY. My Samba server is configured to run as
> NT domain HOME. Since I don't have rights to "add a workstation" in the
> MYCOMPANY domain I understand that can't switch my local configuration
> to something different then MYCOMPANY because I couldn't switch it back.
> This is supposed to be a NT security issue. Is that right?
> I don't like the idea to rename my HOME domain into MYCOMPANY to make that
> working. Is there a way to access HOME domain resources without changing
> the notebook domain configuration?
> I can see the HOME domain, but I cannot access it. I get the error message
> 'The account is not authorized to log in from this station'.
> Thanks for any help,
> -- Bernd
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