[Samba] newbie questions: different domains in Samba?

Bernd Prager bernd at prager.ws
Sun Feb 24 15:32:03 GMT 2002

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From: "Barry Johnson" <originalskinnyj at hotmail.com>
> try this at the command prompt
> net use \\yoursambaserver\someshare /user:yourdomain\username *
> it will prompt you for your passwd, enter it, should work fine

I'm getting
"The user context supplied is invalid."
when I try this.

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> From: "Bernd Prager" <bernd at prager.ws>
> > working. Is there a way to access HOME domain resources without changing
> > the notebook domain configuration?
> >
> > I can see the HOME domain, but I cannot access it. I get the error
> > 'The account is not authorized to log in from this station'.

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