[Samba] Help with archive bit request

Noel Kelly nkelly at tarsus.co.uk
Sun Feb 24 10:51:07 GMT 2002


Looks like the same response you had.  I must have been tired but I had not
checked the nncfg.ini on the NT Storage Server which indeed did not have
this line.  It is also interesting that they seem to want to a whole new
backup job created.  I took the opportunity to upgrade the Storage Server to
SP5A as well.

I did a little testing with this and it does seem to work but I won't know
until we run a full blown backup tomorrow.  The 'A' flags shown next to the
files viewed through Novanet seem to be getting set.  How they do this is
unknown as they do not use the executable bit.  I unset the executable bit
from Linux (chmod 660 testfile) and ran a differential backup (contents
unchanged).  Novanet picked up the testfile again (perhaps wrongly -
opposite of original problem but need to test this further) and the user
executable bit was unchanged.

This would imply then that 'map archive = no' could be set and Novanet would
not mind.


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