[Samba] Winbind Dying

Noel Kelly nkelly at tarsus.co.uk
Sun Feb 24 10:39:02 GMT 2002

I have a second 2.2.3a server which is due to go live this week.  I have had
a pristine copy of Samba up and running on it for a week and even though
there is no load on the server, Winbind dies frequently.  It is still in
memory but stops giving out domain info.  There is no panics or the like -
it simply dies quietly.  A number of people have posted on the list with the
same problem.
Oddly, the new server which is unused dies more frequently than our
production server which has been running 2.2.3a since release.  They are
both members of the same domain and are both running 2.2.20 kernel with ACL
patches.  The hardware is also identical.
I took the opportunity to get some level 10 logs.  The winbind log is not
very verbose about what is going wrong so I included the nmbd log as well
since it might be important for you to see what the chat between the servers
was when it dies.
I have included the output below from my little script which runs each
minute and detects when winbind is no longer dishing out domain users and
kills and restarts winbind.  This should give you the times it dies.

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