Subject: [Samba] troubles with playing music from a fileserver

David Mulcahy david.mulcahy at
Sun Feb 24 10:09:03 GMT 2002

I had a similar problem when playing avi files.  It worked correctly when 
setting read raw = no.  I know in the man page it seem to indicate the 
opposite but that is my observation

I use 3com 10mb/s net cards so it may well differ on realtek?

my problem is that when i try to play music on laptop (with windows 98 se=20
(clean install)). it plays a bit stops then start again. that is in winamp.=
windows media player just plays a bit and then stops. when copying file i=20
get time outs.
my laptop is a  celly 700 mhz. with an realtek network card with windows=20
98se on it.
my server is a freebsd 4.5 machine.where i tried samba 2.2.2 (freebsd=20
port). samba 2.2.3a , samba 3.0-alpha15 on. (none of them was any better on=
my laptop). i also had same problem with freebsd 4.2 and samba 2.2.1

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