[Samba] Problem with codepages and Localized windows

Pihhan pihhan at atlas.cz
Sun Feb 24 07:32:06 GMT 2002


I am admin of our linux student server and I configured Samba. =
Everything works perfect, except one thing. We are serving to Windows 95 =
machines. These are the first version of Win95 (not OSR2), localized for =
Czech Republic. It uses codepage
CP1250, which is not shipped with Samba distribution. As other middle =
European countries it uses codepage 852 under DOS. So I set up:

client code page =3D 852

character set =3D ISO8859-2

Oh, I forgot, we are using ISO-8859-2 on linux server.
It works somewhat, but not as good as I need. Normal files I can save =
and read.
But those broken windows, when creating new folder, creates foldar with =
containing characters which it cannot handle correctly.
It creates folder called "Nov=E1 slo=9Eka". The problem is character =
Its unicode numbers are:
017D - Z with caron
017E - z with caron
I think there's problem with s with caron too.

I have tried to make codepage and unicode tables for CP1250, but they =
haven't work. Maybe there are some functional to download, or some =
advices how to make it running.

The strange thing is that windows ask if if should make new folder, it =
might be inaccessible. So I answer yes and it creates a folder called =
"Nov=E1 slo=9Eka". It creates it well on linux, its name is right. On =
Linux with different codepage it has good name. Everything seems ok. But =
if I want access this folder, windows told me that this folder does not =
exist. Maybe there is problem with casing, because
this folder IS there.

I really don't know what to do, maybe you have some advice.

Thank you,
Petr Mensik (Pihhan)

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