[Samba] Multiple Instancies of Samba on a single System

George Finster georgef169 at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 24 07:06:04 GMT 2002

Can anyone out there tell me, that this is definitely impossible?

Yes.  I have a freebsd machine with two ip addresses (one nic) and have a 
samba server bound to each address.

Which settings must appear in the Configuration, to split the
   working-directories? (locks, logs, private-dir and so on)

I did this in an easier way for me.  I installed two versions of samba!  (I 
am a lazy, lazy man.  Typing ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/samba-cvs; make 
; make install and the editing the smb.conf file seemed much less 
complicated to me) One under /usr/local/samba-cvs and one just under 

Has anyone experience with such a configuration?

I only set up the second server so I could mess around with having a pdc on 
my network which would emulate the one at my wife's work for when she 
brought her laptop home without having to screw up the existing server.  It 
seems to work.

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