[Samba] win2000 locking problem

tbsky at greenware.com.tw tbsky at greenware.com.tw
Sun Feb 24 08:14:03 GMT 2002

   compare to win98, win2000 now has "web style folders".
   when browsing files, if click at a media file which is known format,
   2000 will split the window, so u can play it directly at left side of
   the window. at this mode windows can not delete or rename media files
   (ex: wav,mov,mp3), BC4 windows will lock the file as read only when
   u clicking the file, and samba refuse  rename or delete the locked

   i try to use other win2000 as file server,and win2000 client works fine.

   if i change the default folder style of win2000 from web to traditional
   (from control panel -> folder option -> general ).
   then every thing works fine.

   i found discussion about this before at mail list, but it seems no
   solution until now.

Best Regards,

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