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Blanchard, Michael MBlanchard at grandaire.com
Fri Feb 22 08:12:08 GMT 2002

I'm still a relative newbie, so I'll tell ya what I did to learn.

www.google.com has all your answers.  It's easier than going through samba.org digging up stuff.  I find out everything from how do join a domain, to how to activate winbind, to how to setup shares.  The smb.conf file is a pretty good resource.  The BIG BIG BIG problem with it, is that it's like 5+ years old and hasn't been updated.  The "domain controller" thing was removed, and they never added in the stuff for winbind.  So you have to scour everywhere trying to find stuff on what the heck winbind is first off, then find out how to activate it.  Man pages are nice, but there are some very good pages on how to use it.  Also, there are some reference guides on redhat.com for 7.2 that even if you don't use redhat, they are very helpful.  Good luck!  And this list is also very helpful, although I've found google's response is quicker.

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No need to apologize, in matter of fact,
thanks for the help!

I'm sure I'Il be a network admin in a nearby future! :-)

one last thing... all the network admin I met aren't hostile,
I beleive you're not an acception.

once again,


On Fri 22 Feb 2002 12:02, you wrote:
> Type "man samba"
> :)
> Sorry, I work helpdesk and network administration so of course I'm 
> hostile and bitter.
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> Hi everybody!
> This will be this first time i'll configure Samba :-)
> I want to configure Samba as a PDC in my environment.
> The machine that will run as server is a Standard Mandrake 8.1 
> installation (sub-net ip 10.2.xxx.xxx) that will athenticate only WIN 
> 98/NT/2k machines, mount network discs, etc...
> I read many documentions on Samba... but its a little obscure for 
> me...
> I'll use Samba 2.2.3a thats already compiled and installed.
> Can any one tell me where to start configurating!
> Any help is welcome.
> regards

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