[Samba] spool problem with samba 2.2.3 and winxp

MistER-j mister-j at cyanide-studio.com
Fri Feb 22 08:06:08 GMT 2002

Hello !

I'm trying to share a printer to be able to print from xp workstations.

For testing purposes I was able to print to a file undex xp, and then print it with a simple 'cat file > /dev/lp0' and it worked great.

Now when I try to print to the samba share, samba runs the print command, but it seems the spool file is not created, and the print command fail. I used '/bin/cat /usr/local/samba/spool/%s > /dev/lp0' as print command. This directory permissions are ok, smb.conf permissions are ok too since samba runs the print command...

In the logs I can see that the print command returns 1, it is normal because the %s file does not exist...

This is my first attempt to print with samba, so I can not compare between some other versions, and I only have workstations under win2000 and xp and I have the same problem under win2k.

I'm using log level 10 so I won't post a 100ko log here until it is needed.

Any idea ?
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