Antwort: [Samba] logfile : samba.client -> samba.client.old

thomas_tiedtke at thomas_tiedtke at
Thu Feb 21 04:11:06 GMT 2002

This behaviour is absolute correct! 
Samba will use a log file until it reached the value on the "max log size" 
parameter in teh global section. Then it was renamed to *.old and a new 
one will be used.

Regards, Thomas

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Thema:  [Samba] logfile : samba.client -> samba.client.old

does samba 2.2.2 automatically turn over to a new logfile and rename
the old logfile to *.old under some circumstances ?

my samba just did so in the last few hours with all client-logs ... ?
It did not happen at exact the same time (within two hours on 14
clients) and the old logs dont have the same size, but all between 5
or 6 MB ...

whats going on here ?


ps: I'm, worried cause my sambaserver behaves weird in some points, so
this is just one more ...

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