[Samba] Secret is bad...

Leducq Dominique dleducq at arkoon.net
Tue Feb 19 05:43:21 GMT 2002

Le Mardi 19 Février 2002 08:33, Julio Rojas a écrit :
> Ok David, here is the deal... I stopped the daemons, deleted all log files
> and ran "net rpc join -U <domain admin user>"... Again, I had "unable to
> find a suitable server"... If I use "wbinfo -u" and "wbinfo -g" I receive
> both domain users and groups... But if I use "wbinfo -t" i
> get:

try "net rpc join -U <domain admin user> -S <PDC name>", it made it work for 

Dominique Leducq

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