[Samba] Winbind files

Julio Rojas jrojas at uft.edu.ve
Mon Feb 18 06:45:04 GMT 2002

Hi David, did you check my configuration files???

Answer to your questions:

1- All daemons were stopped.
2- Same problem, couldn't find a suitable server.
3- Yes, they are.
4- Yes, I can ping both of them.
5- Yes, I can.

Please, help me. Thanx...

Julio Rojas
jrojas at uft.edu.ve

I will have a look at your files.  Side questions:

Did you stop all samba daemons before running the net rpc. (stop smbd nmbd
Did you run net rpc join with the -U option?  What happened?
Are the password servers you listed your pdc and bdc servers?
Does your samba server have the ability to ping your wins server and pdc/bdc
Can you nmblookup your pdc/pdc servers?


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Subject: [Samba] Files requested...

Here is dump from testparm and our smb.conf ... Please check it and tell
what you think could be the problem... Thanx...

Julio Rojas
Universidad Fermín Toro
jroas at uft.edu.ve

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Subject: RE: [Samba] HEAD problems...

> Just a side to it.  I used to use a -U option and specify a domain admin
> login.
> net rpc join -U dave
> Where dave is a domain admin.  You defined wins servers?  Did you run
> testparm to make sure no errors existed with the configuation file?  If
> above doesn't help, let me see the smb.conf you used if possible.
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> From: Julio Rojas [mailto:jrojas at uft.edu.ve]
> Sent: Friday, February 15, 2002 7:38 AM
> To: samba at samba.org
> Subject: [Samba] HEAD problems...
> Hi, after Andrew Barlett's advice I reinstalled my Samba server with
> 3.0 alpha HEAD. I cannot join my Windows domain. With version 2.2.3a I
> the following command:
> If I use this command with HEAD, the following message is presented:
> see 'net rpc join' for this functionality
> I reviewed the 'net' man page but it's incomplete, so I typed the command
> (net rpc join) and the following message was presented:
> Unable to find a suitable server
> Can anybody help me join my domain??? We have reviewed our smb.conf file
> we have defined both our domain and our PDC and BDC.
> Thanx for your help.
> Julio Rojas
> Universidad Fermin Toro
> jrojas at uft.edu.ve <mailto:jrojas at uft.edu.ve>>>>

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