[Samba] Win 2000 Prof in workgroup with samba 2.2.2

Davide Dozza davide.dozza at yacme.com
Fri Feb 15 03:41:07 GMT 2002

Hi folks,

this is the problem:
we have several Win2000 PRO SP2 working in workgroup (not joining the 
domain) with a unique local user.
The server Samba acts with security = user, with no encrypted password
and keeps the username/password of people who want to connect to it.
People log on the W2000 with the same username/password kept into samba 
server but when we map a network drive, the samba server asks for the 
password (ignoring username/password inserted with log on) and allows 
the user to mount the area.
Even if the map is persistent, every time the user logs off, W2000 
reasks for the password. It seems the the couple username/password used 
to access the workstation is not passed to the samba server when it try 
to connect for the first time after log on.
I know this is not a real problem but it is quite annoying, expecially 
if workstions own to management people.....

Any sugestion?


Davide Dozza

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