[Samba] Netbios name resolution with DHCP

Robert Wood Robert.Wood at apostrophe.org.uk
Thu Feb 14 09:07:07 GMT 2002

 >> Note that you then need to have WINS running on one machine (a samba box 
with  "wins support = yes" is fine), and any other machine using nss_wins 
needs to  have a wins server defined in smb.conf "wins server = IP.ADD.RE.SS"
 Dynamic IP addresses only makes dns (usually not WINS) more complicated (you
 would probably want to  setup dynamic DNS with bind 9.x and dhcp 3.x - if you
 do, let me know how, I'm having trouble with this) <<

Thanks for everyone's help. 

Am I right in thinking that WINS is the Windows way of resolving dynamic IP 
addresses to netbios names? 

I've installed nss_wins and now I can ping the *Linux* machines on the 
network but not the Windows machines! (I  also had to add wins to the hosts 
section of nsswitch.conf to make it work.)

I've added wins support to the smb.conf file on the Red Hat server which 
*isn't* the DHCP server, is that daft? The Smoothwall server is easy to set 
up as the DHCP server, which is why I chose to use that thather than the RH 

So, any ideas why I can ping the Linux machi8nes but not the Windows 



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