[Samba] Netbios name resolution with DHCP

Buchan Milne bgmilne at cae.co.za
Thu Feb 14 07:03:26 GMT 2002

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Note also that if your machine's hostname differs from it's netbios name (ie you
have setup a netbios name in smb.conf), you will still not be able to ping it
with it's netbios name. Also, if you use WINS, but not DNS, you will still only
be able to ping by name from windows.

That is, unless you use nss_wins. You should either add
"nsswitch/libnss_wins.so" as an argument to your make command for samba, or grab
RPMs (for you mandrake box at least) at http://ranger.dnsalias.com/mandrake/samba

Note that you then need to have WINS running on one machine (a samba box with
"wins support = yes" is fine), and any other machine using nss_wins needs to
have a wins server defined in smb.conf "wins server = IP.ADD.RE.SS"

Dynamic IP addresses only makes dns (usually not WINS) more complicated (you
would probably want to  setup dynamic DNS with bind 9.x and dhcp 3.x - if you
do, let me know how, I'm having trouble with this)


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| DHCP is only Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.  This is the service that
| *assigns* IP addresses to machines as needed.  This service does not provide
| name resolution.  You will either need to run a WINS (Windows Internet Name
| Service) server (if your linux machines can use wins), or a DNS (Domain Name
| Service) server.  Either setup your machines to auto register with this
| server or add the ip entries yourself.  If you plan on continuing to get IP
| addresses from DHCP, you will need to configure the clients to auto register
| with the service.
| -Dan
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| I have a network with RH7.2 (netbois name "server"), Mandrake 8.1
| ("Linuxbox"), Smoothwall ("Smoothwall"), WinNT ("di-bosco"), Win 98
| ("robertw" & "Nicole") x 2 and Win 2k ("DiBosco2k").
| Smoothwall is the DHCP server.
| Why would it be that all the Windows machines can ping to a netbios name, eg
| ping server, ping Linuxbox etc, but non of the Linux based machines can?
| Linux machines all say
| unknown host machinename
| What do I have read up on to make this work on the linux machines as well?
| All the machines bar Smoothwall and RH server are dynamic IP addresses, I am
| under the impression this makes things somewhat more complicated!
| Cheers,
| Rob

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