[Samba] smbmnt problem ...

Frank Fürst ffrank at rz.uni-potsdam.de
Tue Feb 12 12:24:40 GMT 2002

"C.Lee Taylor" <leet at leenx.co.za> schrieb:

> 	Thanks again for helping ...
> Urban Widmark wrote:
> > On Tue, 12 Feb 2002, C.Lee Taylor wrote:
> > Do an strace on your mount commant (strace -f) and watch how smbmount
> > fails to execvp("smbmnt", ...).
> 	I would do this, but I don't know how ...

strace mount -t smbfs and_all_the_other_options >mount.strace 2>&1

Now look into mount.strace and search for smbmnt.

On a program that produces a lot on stdout (or if the program is
interactive), sometimes

strace $command_and_all_the_options 2>filename

is better, you get the usual output (until the error) on stdout and the
strace output into $filename.

Bye, Frank

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