[Samba] local linux groups and winbindd dies

Doug Aldridge doug at aldridge.net
Tue Feb 12 12:10:14 GMT 2002


I get the same message. "getgrname_from_group(): could not get domain sid
for domain...


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> There is a horrbile memory leak in winbind with 2.2.2 but this has been
> fixed in 2.2.3.  However, something else has been unfixed as I have been
> getting the same problem as Doug with winbindd simply dying on its feet.
> The absence of replies to my postings (see Sunday's) implied that no one
> else was getting this so I am pleased (sorry Doug) that Doug is also
> the same problem.
> If I switch back to using the winbindd/wbinfo binaries from 2.2.2 then
> authntication works fine and I just have to auto-restart winbindd once a
> when it grows too big.  2.2.3a just gives up though.
> Doug, what are you getting in your log.winbindd ?  I get a decent period
> nothing which is good and then start to get complaints about being unable
> get the sid for the domain.
> Noel
> > 2) My winbindd daemon crashes about once per day. It stays resident in
> > memory but stops working. If I kill it and rerun it then all
> > is well again.
> Mine are doing the same thing.  Can you check the running size when you
> start it and also as it gets older?  winbindd grows over time (looks like
> leak, but I'm not willing to say that yet).  I'm looking into why, but
> no answers.  If someone has an idea about what this might be, I'd be happy
> to chat with you and do what I can to help find this.
> Cary
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