[Samba] Unwanted pages and characters printed.

Nick Ashman nick.ashman at xtra.co.nz
Tue Feb 12 00:43:05 GMT 2002

I think this problem is the same as others I have found on the list but I 
can't find a solution.

Scenario: W2K clients printing to Samba 2.2.2, SuSE 7.3  One printer share is 
Canon BJ6200 colour bubblejet.  This prints perfectly.  Brother HL630 laser 
nearly prints correctly. 

e.g. W2K printer test page prints ok but is precede by a page with about a 
dozen characters on it and followed by a blank sheet.  The test page itself 
is perfect.  A simpler one line test document gives the same result.

The driver is actually for a HP printer because the HL630 has Laserjet IIP 
emulation.  Using the same W2K driver with the printer connected directly to 
W2K client works fine.  Sharing the printer tthrough another W2K or Win98 
works fine.  I guess this means the driver is OK??

The spool file appearing on the Linux box is, on the face of it, sensible 
printer control language.  The printer is reset at the beginning and end.  I 
can see all the code to download the fonts etc.  Obviously there is something 
wrong within the file but how is the corruption getting there and more 
importantly how do I stop it?

Nick Ashman

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