[Samba] local linux groups and winbindd dies

Noel Kelly nkelly at tarsus.co.uk
Mon Feb 11 22:30:04 GMT 2002

There is a horrbile memory leak in winbind with 2.2.2 but this has been
fixed in 2.2.3.  However, something else has been unfixed as I have been
getting the same problem as Doug with winbindd simply dying on its feet.
The absence of replies to my postings (see Sunday's) implied that no one
else was getting this so I am pleased (sorry Doug) that Doug is also having
the same problem.

If I switch back to using the winbindd/wbinfo binaries from 2.2.2 then
authntication works fine and I just have to auto-restart winbindd once a day
when it grows too big.  2.2.3a just gives up though.

Doug, what are you getting in your log.winbindd ?  I get a decent period of
nothing which is good and then start to get complaints about being unable to
get the sid for the domain.


> 2) My winbindd daemon crashes about once per day. It stays resident in
> memory but stops working. If I kill it and rerun it then all 
> is well again.

Mine are doing the same thing.  Can you check the running size when you
start it and also as it gets older?  winbindd grows over time (looks like a
leak, but I'm not willing to say that yet).  I'm looking into why, but have
no answers.  If someone has an idea about what this might be, I'd be happy
to chat with you and do what I can to help find this.

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