[Samba] How stable is head and when will it be released?

Bill Moran wmoran at potentialtech.com
Sat Feb 9 08:11:03 GMT 2002

Gerald Carter wrote:
> On Sat, 9 Feb 2002, Tarjei Huse wrote:
>>>My philosphy is that Samba should only extend UNIX accounts, not
>>>be responsible for them.  The maintaince of a posixAccount entry is beyond
>>>our scope.
>>I kind'a hoped that you'd think differently on this issue when ldap is
>>involved. Basicly what happens is that from making samba a tool that you
>>can administer you whole network on and also you can get away from the
>>old add UNIX user add sambauser too a unified system. I realy wish you
>>guys could come around on this.
>>Anyhow, tough luck I guess. How about making it a config option? Beeing
>>able to add the posix part of a sambauser wold make samba far more
> I really don't see what the big deal is to wrap around smbpasswd.
> Sorry, but I really don't think that Samba internals should be 
> tied up in this process.  
> How about this, either myself or someone else (hint , hint) writes 
> a perl script to wrap creation of the posixAccount and sambaAccount
> in a single command.  This way we both get what we want. :-)  
> We'll work on more mmc support in 3.0

Is this really something that is needed on a broad basis?
I've written scripts for doing this in both bash and php (nifty web-driven
stuff) and use them all the time.  Generally, the scripts are pretty specific
to a particular client, to make things easier (in the case of 2 Samba domains
that share an NIS database, for example)  I just never realized that a need
for generalized scripts was there.
If enough people think this is useful, I could generalize some of these scrips
and publish them.  Send me "votes" directly, and specifics on exactly what is
needed (I joined this thread a little late).

Bill Moran
Potential Technology

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