[Samba] sync options in smb.conf

Shepherd, Dave Dave.Shepherd at compass-group.co.uk
Fri Feb 8 04:33:04 GMT 2002

   I'm having some problems with W2K picking up incomplete files from an AIX SAMBA share. I have added the following options to my smb.conf file (mostly thanks to people on this list), but am still getting the issue.

		comment = Share of /usr/data/ipay
		path = /usr/data/ipay
		valid users = ipay_svr ipay
		write list = ipay_svr ipay
		locking = yes
		strict locking = yes
		oplocks = no

   The application guys from the W2K side, are suggesting I add the following 2 options to my smb.conf, but I'm not sure they'll help the issue.

  		strict sync = yes
		sync always = yes

    From what I can make out these are to do with flushing writes straight down to disk, and not hanging about in cache. 

    All help greatly appreciated.


Dave Shep

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