[Samba] Can browse from windows, but cannot copy TO samba sha res

Foss.KS at forces.ca Foss.KS at forces.ca
Wed Feb 6 11:33:07 GMT 2002

Good Day,
In response to this problem, I believe that I have the answer, though there
really isn't a useful solution.  
I have had this exact same problem with the same errors with Win98SE, WinXP,
and Slackware Linux 7.1 as the "sending machine".
It is not a Samba problem, but I appear to have tracked it down to an error
on the PCI bus.  I would assume that your NIC card is PCI, if not tell me,
then I still have a problem to track down.  If you try any method of file
transfer, either using SAMBA or trying to FTP to the Linux box, you will
have a similar response.

In my case, I replaced the PCI NIC card with at least three different PCI
NIC cards with 2 different chipsets.  Same problem.  Temporarily I used a
USB Ethernet adapter which worked smooth, although slow (6 Mbps).  I tracked
down a PnP ISA NIC card and tried it and away it went at 10 Mbps with no
errors.  This may not be the optimum solution as most new computers don't
have ISA slots and the USB solution makes for slow transfer speeds.

The only problem is that the warranty on the motherboard (ASUS CU4VX) ran
out a week before I found the actual problem.

The fact that you have two different machines (NT and XP) with the same
problem is confusing to me as I only had the problem on this one machine and
all others worked fine.  The moving of the machines may have caused some
problems on the motherboard? 

If you do find another solution or can confirm that my assessment is right
or wrong, please let me know as I would like to know.

Kevin Foss
Ottawa, Canada

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From: Carson Thoreen <carson_thoreen at hms.harvard.edu>
Organization: Harvard Medical School
To: samba at lists.samba.org
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 12:00:13 -0500
Subject: [Samba] Can browse from windows, but cannot copy TO samba shares

I'm having sporadic trouble copying to a samba share from WinXP and WinNT
computers (but not all WinNT computers on our network). The samba server is 
running RH 7.1 linux, kernel 2.4.17, and samba 2.2.3. All computers are on 
the same subnet. The samba server is the preferred master and is also acting

as a WINS server.

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