[Samba] Samba 2.2.2 vs. Windows 2000

Jonathan Ungar Jonathan.Ungar at grassroots.com
Wed Feb 6 11:28:02 GMT 2002

quick followup: Nice going. I had a firewall running on the linux box, but of course I forgot about that... so the inbound smb connections weren't going through.  Never forget to check the obvious, kids!

now if I could just get winbindd working properly...

- Jonathan Ungar

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> Apologies if this has been done to death already...
> I'm having a difficult time getting access to samba shares on 
> a RH7.2 machine from my Windows 2000 Active Directory domain.
> I've done a lot of research on the web, and I don't think I'm 
> trying to do anything impossible.  I've looked everywhere for 
> something new to try, and I'm pretty much out of ideas.
> The Windows 2000 domain is pretty simple, it's the only 
> domain in the forest, and not wildly changed from defaults.  
> It is in native mode, however, but this shouldn't be a 
> problem - I'm not trying to get the linux machine to act as a 
> DC, just a member server.
> smb.conf is set up properly (testparm output at 
> http://daemondia.com/testparm.out.txt), so far as I know, and 
> I am able to join the linux box to the domain after creating 
> an account for it in AD Users&Computers.
> the linux machine can see itself, smb-wise:
>    [root at newintranet root]# nmblookup -U newintranet
>    querying newintranet on
> newintranet<00>
>    [root at newintranet root]#
> and it can see machines on the domain just fine:
>    [root at newintranet samba]# nmblookup -U straylight
>    querying straylight on
> straylight<00>
> and I can send winpopup messages to domain machines with 
> smbclient -M, and so forth...
> but the machines on the domain can't connect to anything on 
> the linux box:
>    nbtstat.exe -a newintranet
>    Local Area Connection:
>    Node IpAddress: [] Scope Id: []
>    Host not found.
>    net view \\newintranet
>    System error 53 has occurred.
>    The network path was not found.
> If I try to specify a share name either in the syntax 
> "machine\share" or "\\machine\share" I get some success from 
> one windows machine to another, but I also frequently get:
>    System error 123 has occurred. 
>    The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
> I *always* get this message if I try to do a "net view 
\\newintranet\webdata" (which should be a valid share name on the linux machine) from a win2k machine,  but I find it strange that I'm frequently (but not always) getting the same message trying to use the same type of command from one windows machine to another, and I'm looking for domain configuration problems...

But then again, outside of this one error from using 'net view' in this way, none of my Win2K machines seems to have any trouble actually accessing each other's shares, etc. Just the Linux box... so maybe this is just a weird quirk with the win2K 'net' command.

Any suggestions ?  I'm pretty much stuck at this point...  thanks!

	 Jonathan Ungar
	 Systems Administrator
       Grassroots Enterprise, Inc.

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