[Samba] Can browse from windows, but cannot copy TO samba sha res

Glenn Sieb ges at lumeta.com
Wed Feb 6 11:58:05 GMT 2002

On 02:26 PM 2/6/2002 -0500, Foss.KS at forces.ca wrote:
>I would assume that your NIC card is PCI, if not tell me,
>then I still have a problem to track down.  If you try any method of file
>transfer, either using SAMBA or trying to FTP to the Linux box, you will
>have a similar response.

Instead of replacing your NIC, try this--

PCI buses can have Master or Slave slots. Some are Master or Slave 
depending on whether or not there's a "master" type card in the slot next 
to it, closer to the CPU.

NIC PCI cards can be notorious for demanding a "master" position. So never 
put them in the PCI slot furthest away from the power supply (which is 
always a "slave" slot), and make sure that it's in an even-numbered slot 
(starting with 0 closes to the CPU).

I sincerely hope this fixes your problem... and helps you grow back some of 
the hair I'm sure you've pulled out due to this :)


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