[Samba] Samba full name resolution from passwd

Paul Miller paul-samba at pinheiro.tcimet.net
Mon Feb 4 22:59:04 GMT 2002

On my Linux system (Debian 3.0/Samba 2.2.3-1), user full names are stored
in the /etc/passwd along with room #, phone, etc, all deliminated with
commas (within the :full name: delimitation).  I'm wondering if someone has
a patch to grab the full name from the first field in the full name field.

I guess that's kinda confusing, so for an example, say we have:
paul:x:1000:50:Paul Miller,,,:/home/staff/paul:/bin/bash

I want Samba to grab "Paul Miller" as the full name, rather than "Paul

Or maybe there is a way to just disable this feature in Debian?  Anyone
know?  I don't really care for the extra fields when I create new accounts.

Paul Miller

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