[Samba] Pizza vouchers

T Nevitt tnevitt at bigplanet.com
Mon Feb 4 16:20:43 GMT 2002

I will be glad to send a pizza voucher if you can help me out!
I am an individual using the internet with a dial up account.

When ever I connect to the internet and start internet explorer, my firewall
asks me if I want to allow internet explorer access and gives me an ip
address of

Also when I do a netstat I get a local ip address of I also get
my real IP address and IP addresses of

Has someone set up file and printsharing with my computer using samba?

I will send pizza vouchers if you get me some real answers to this.

I love Australia and hope I get to come back to see you again someday! Only
visited once for a short while.

So what's up with my computer?

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