[Samba] samba 2.2.3 oplock_break

Gene Cohler gene at sapience.com
Sun Feb 3 20:19:02 GMT 2002

   First off thanks for the hard work and great tool.
   I hope you find this report useful.

   Now, today I installed 2.2.3 on hpux-11 - an attempt to write a file 
   over a file with same name failed and the file dissapeared totally.
   There was an error message as well on the pc - running w2k sp2 
   all MS patches applied.

   The smb log file says:

  [2002/02/03 22:39:06, 0] smbd/oplock.c:(758)
    oplock_break: receive_smb error (Error 0)
    oplock_break failed for file Pics/KEEP/mom's cat.jpg (dev = 40030002, inode = 27956, file_id = 1154).
  [2002/02/03 22:39:06, 0] smbd/oplock.c:(843)
    oplock_break: client failure in break - shutting down this smbd.

   As an aside I had (different) problems with 2.2.2 which I
   thought had been addressed in this release -  so I was still running
   2.0.7 which has had no problems at all.

   I compiled with HP's cc compiler - did configure --prefix=/...
   make ; make install. No other options - perhaps I should have?

   Please let me know if theres anything I can try to avoid this.

   Best regards,



  gene at sapience.com

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