[Samba] followup on samba-2.2.3 - another oddity

Gene Cohler gene at sapience.com
Sun Feb 3 20:31:15 GMT 2002

  Sorry I forgot to mention that I also had the following problem
  (same system, samba on hpux-11 and pc's runnign w2k-sp2).

  Using file browser I cannot overwrite a file - I get access denied!
  I can delete the file and write a new one. No errors in the log file
  for this one.

  This behaviour is definetely new to 2.2.3. Again perhaps this
  is user error - i copied the config file from the workign 2.0.7.
  Perhaps I need to set a new option - I could not find anything
  that seemed directly related tho?



  gene at sapience.com

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